Academy of Perfumery & Aromatics

A non-profit organization with 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status, founded in 2002 and based in New York City, dedicated to the advancement and education of the art of Perfumery and Aromatics.

Our Mission

Our vision is: – To educate the public and authorities alike, to represent an independent reference in olfactory knowledge. – To designate Perfumers, Flavorists and Chefs as Academicians to become part of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences (there are no Perfume Academicians anywhere in the world).

It will independently promote the art of Haute Perfumery, Haute Aromatics and Haute Cuisine. It will establish quality parameters and endorsement criteria, it will present awards, hold standards and offer carefully selected fellowships to individuals or organizations. It will organize lectures, public presentations and smelling sessions. It will represent in the United States the International Perfume Repository (Osmotheque®) based in Versailles, France. It will introduce olfaction, scent history, scent design and olfactory culture into school and university curriculums.

Request a public presentation of the Osmotheque

The Academy of Perfumery & Aromatics is the US representation of the Osmothèque, based in Versailles France.

It is the first time ever that the Osmothèque shares a little bit of its heritage and memories with an outside organization.

The Academy is proud and thankful to be the first to be granted this privilege. All activities shared between the Academy and the Osmothèque in the United States help both the Academy and the Osmothèque.

Please note that by the nature of our artistry, each time the Art is admired, the Art is consumed. So we count on you, in the US and in Europe to book presentations and to sponsor the replenishment and the shipping of numerous perfume samples overseas.